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We have a win, win, win program to share with you, our members. When you log into the BFA website (www.bfa.net), you will see a new "Invite"  feature! This feature will provide you with a pathway to invite others to become BFA members. Once you click on "Invite", you can enter the emails of those friends and family you would like to invite to the BFA. It is a WIN for them, as they will be learning more about the incredible sport of ballooning. They will be able to experience ballooning in all areas of the world through stories and photos delivered to their doorstep, or computer, through our BFA Ballooning magazine and the BFA's Quick Release publication.


It is a WIN for you! Each time, one of your invites is accepted, and they register, you will earn $10 to use for your next renewal or to purchase training products and logbooks from the BFA's store. You will earn an additional $10 when each new member you invite joins the BFA. There is NO LIMIT!


It is a WIN for the Balloon Federation of America! With your help, we look forward to increasing our membership's voice. Safety and education remain the cornerstone of the BFA's mission. We continue to engage with local, state, and federal officials to create and protect policy that ensures safety for balloonists, crew members, and spectators across the globe. By increasing our membership, we will continue to serve as the largest voice in the LTA community. With more engaged members, we can learn faster, we can speak louder, and can continue to make an impact on the sport that we all love. Please consider sharing an invite with those who appreciate the sport of ballooning. Whether they be a pilot, a crew member, your local repair station, adjacent businesses, or enthusiasts, we welcome them to join and engage in the future of ballooning and the Balloon Federation of America.


Here is a quick "How To" video prepared by our great friend Fred Dinkler.




Kent Barnes
Membership Chair