Jul 29 2020
BFA Balloon Event Symposium 2021

BFA Balloon Event Symposium 2021

April 7-8, 2021


Event Officials will receive specific training with a free exchange of ideas for these position

Balloonmeister Weather Officer Safety  [ ... ]

Jul 28 2020
BFA National Convention 2021

BFA National Convention 2021

April 8-10, 2021




Event Symposium

April 7-8, 2021


Capital Plaza Hotel & Convention Center

Topeka Kansas



&nb [ ... ]

Jul 26 2020
Election 2020 Candidates






Candidates have been selected by their respective nominating committees and we are please to announce the candidates for the 2020 election.  All [ ... ]

Jun 16 2020
BFA Long Jump Challenge

In the May 2020 Quick Release we talked about a program that some balloonists were doing to show their gratitude for those who have been on the front line during the pandemic. If you want to star [ ... ]

May 15 2020
Let’s Show We Care Program

As states and communities across American begin to re-open in the continuing face of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the BFA wants to assure that ballooning and balloonists are welcomed back in a positive way. [ ... ]

Apr 30 2020
Vintage Film Library Added

BFA Board member Tim Cloyd has retrieved old video and even film footage from the basement of the BFA office. He digitized the recordings and has now uploaded them to the BFA site.
Many of these came [ ... ]

Apr 23 2020
Fireside Chat Video

As a way to experience some ballooning during the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine, we are sharing the weekly live video chats organized by Eliav Cohen. You can view them under the EDUCATION tab, or by clicki [ ... ]

Apr 15 2020
Available Radar Apps

The following are weather radar sites that provide good information at moderate cost.


RadarScope App

RadarOmega App

MyRadar Pro - Apple

MyRadar Pro - Android

WeatherTap (for PC - subscrip [ ... ]

Apr 12 2020
2020 BFA On-Line Seminar Videos Available

We are happy to announce that the 2020 BFA On-Line Seminar Webinar videos are now available. Log onto www.bfa.net and go to EDUCATION, then VIDEO SEMINAR LIBRARY to view the new videos.  [ ... ]

Apr 06 2020
BFA Covid-19 Update

Spring has sprung! This is the time of year when many of us are eager to get outdoors, to jump into our balloons and take to the skies to enjoy the freedom and exhilaration that only our sport can del [ ... ]

Feb 17 2020
2020 OnLine Seminar Speakers Announced

We are pleased to announce our line-up of experienced seminar presenters for the 2020 BFA On-Line Seminar!


Don Day - Weather Gordon Schwontkowski - Accident Review Mark West - Aer [ ... ]

Nov 11 2019
BFA Survey 2020

Balloon Federation of America PO Box 400 Indianola, Iowa   November 1, 2019

BFA Survey 2020


We are launching a survey: BFA Survey 2020. The intent is 2 fold; 1. We need to c [ ... ]

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