rideopsOptional Add-On Member Benefit


The Purpose of the Balloon Federation of America Legal Services Plan is to provide members ready access to an attorney for advice on FAA certificate action, NTSB reporting requirements, and liability for operating their balloons on occasions in which the members are involved in potential regulations violations and/or balloon accidents. Members can elect to have this optional benefit by paying an annual fee of $40.00 at membership renewal. Members must already be in the Legal Services Plan at the time of accident or occurrence for the Plan to be effective.


The BFA Legal Services Plan would provide, to members in the group, the following benefits:

  • One hour of consultation with a BFA attorney to assess the members responsibilities or liabilities with regard to certificate action, NTSB accident reports and liability for operating their balloons.
  • Recommendation of a course of action to be taken by the member and, if necessary, the recommendation of an attorney to defend the member.
  • Reimbursement to the member of up to $300 for an attorney for certificate action or NTSB reporting requirements. This provision is applicable only for those members already in the program at the time the act or conduct potentially in question occurs.

The BFA Legal Counsel will be responsible for this program. A network of attorneys around the United States will be available to represent Balloon Federation of America members.