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All individual members now receive the following benefits:

- Access to the private "Member level" at BFA.NET
  • View current and back issues of BALLOONING magazine on-line
  • Use of on-line rally registration system (coming soon)
  • Access to the On-line Membership Roster
  • Use of BFA's licensed FCC radio frequencies
  • Ability to update your own user profile
  • Access to certain Member-only articles
- Recognition for your achievements
  • Pilot Achievement Award Program
  • Crew Achievement Award Program
  • Observer Achievement Award Program
  • Long Jump Competition
  • BFA Flight Instructor Program
- Ability to vote for your regional representative on the BFA Board of Directors

- Opportunities for training and education
  • On-line video library for members
  • Pilot skill enhancement
  • Crew training
  • On-line sanctioned safety seminars


  • Annual Memberships:
    • Membership with US Delivered Magazine- $65 / year
    • Digital Membership - $45 / year (digital magazine - US and Int'l)
    • International Membership - $75 / year (Non-US delivered magazine)
    • Additional family members - $30 / year (digital magazine)
    • Junior Balloonists - $15 / year (under 18 - digital magazine)
  • Lifetime Memberships:
    • Life Membership - $1000 one time (delivered magazine)
    • Digital Life Membership - $625 one time (no delivered magazine)
  • Business & Club Memberships:
    • Corporate Members with US Delivered Magazine- $250 / year
    • Associate (Clubs, libraries, etc) Members with US Delivered Magazine- $65 / year


As a member you can add features to your membership:

  • The opportunity to compete for National and International Championship teams and prizes by adding the Hot Air Competition Division
    • Regional qualifying competitions
    • US Nationals
    • US World Team
  • The opportunity to be a part of the Professional Ride Operators (PRO) Division
    • Have your ride business listed on-line
    • Participate in education specifically dedicated to ride operations
  • The opportunity to interact and participate with balloonists in the Gas Division
    • Compete for America's Challenge & Gordon Bennett
    • Gas Ballooning e-newsletter
  • Access a Legal Services Plan

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Your membership in the BFA supports:

  • BFA Youth Programs and Junior Balloonist Camps
  • Liaison efforts with the FAA and NTSB
  • Educational programs for pilots and crew
  • Keeping a repository of ballooning history
  • Maintaining a common calendar of ballooning events
  • Educating the general public regarding ballooning
  • Safety training
  • A series of awards for persons who have contributed to ballooning
  • Providing access to resources for balloonists


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